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Conférence Brain Mets 2018

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Les 21 et 22 septembre prochains se déroulera la 8ème conférence annuelle sur les métastases cérébrales co-organisée par le Pr Metellus.

Programme scientifique :

Vendredi 21 septembre 2018

08.30 Welcome coffee
08.45 Welcome address, P. Métellus (FR)
09.00 New challenges in precision genomics
Chairs: Dieta Brandsma (NL) & E. Rushing (CH)
09.00 Breast cancer Brain Metastases: translational implications
from preclinical models, B. Gril (US)
09.30 Deciphering the mechanisms underlying increased risk of Brain
Metastases in triple negative breast cancer patients, D. Cittelly (US)
10.00 Liquid biopsies: what clinical relevance
and which on-chip technologies?
Chairs: M. Ahluwalia (US) & M. Westphal (DE)
10.00 Cerebrospinal fluid cell-free DNA in patients
with Brain Metastases, A. Boire (US)
10.20 Circulating tumor cells in Brain Metastatic patients,
Jean-Yves Pierga (FR)
10.40 Clinical relevance in liquid biopsies, A-S. Berghoff (AU)
11.00 Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
11.20 Combined treatments for CNS Metastases
Chairs: P. Métellus (FR) & Zvi Ram (IL)
11.20 Augmentation of surgery for Brain Metastases:
safety and local control, M. Westphal (DE)
11.40 Is there a role for PET imaging in CNS Metastases, N. Galldiks (DE)
12.00 Response assessment in CNS Metastases: new challenges
in the era of combination, F. Dhermain (FR)
12.20 Keynote lecture
Chair: M. Weller (CH)
12.20 Brain mets in 2018: any closer to a long and winding road?
M. J. Van den Bent (NL)
12.50 Lunch
14.00 Controversial treatments
Chairs: F. Dhermain (FR) & C. Watts (UK)
14.00 Surgery for recurrent Brain Metastases, P. Métellus (FR)
14.20 Patient selection and timing for SRS, M. Ahluwalia (US)
14.40 Intra-CSF therapy for LM, M. Weller (CH)

15.00 Interactive case reports
Chairs: P. Métellus (FR) & M. Weller (CH)
15.00 Case 1 (Immunotherapy), T. Weiss (CH)
15.15 Case 2 (Neuroradiological issues), P. Aguettaz (FR)
15.30 Case 3 (RT), G. Vogin (FR)
15.45 Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
16.15 Keynote lecture
Chair: P. Métellus (FR)
16.15 Targeted therapies in Brain Metastases, P. Wen (US)
17.00 Activities of EORTC BTG CNS Metastases Committee, E. Le Rhun (FR)
17.15 Guided poster walks with the Scientific Committee
20.00 Gala dinner

Samedi 22 septembre 2018

08.00 Welcome coffee
08.30 Selected oral presentations
Chairs: F. Dhermain (FR) & A. Tallet (FR)
10.10 Coffee break and visit of the exhibition
10.30 Highlights 2017-2018
Chairs: P. Métellus (FR) & M. J. Van den Bent (NL)
10.30 Basic research, J. Seoane (SP)
10.50 Neuropathology, E. Rushing (CH)
11.10 Imaging, J. Furtner (AU)
11.30 What’s hot in melanoma CNS Metastases? G. Minniti (IT)
11.50 What’s hot in breast cancer CNS Metastases? D. Brandsma (NL)
12.10 What’s hot in lung cancer CNS Metastases? E. Le Rhun (FR)
12.30 Awards – Best communication and poster – Conclusions
12.45 Lunch


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